Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the pointe...

Just a brief update since i'm on my way to teach in a few min.

The demonstration went very well yesterday. The stage, however, is HUGE and we all were pretty winded. On top of already cardio dancing we had to travel twice as much to go on and off the stage. But, reguardless of that everything went smoothly and we got a great reaction from the students. We are hoping that by giving them this sneak peak to the ballet that they will come out this weekend to check out the full show. They will be offered a discount when they show as well since it is their highschool we are performing at.

On an awesome note. Today i received my free two pair of pointe shoes! This is very exciting to me because it saves me money. Someone had donated money to our pointe shoe fund and each company memeber was able to get a pair of shoes. We are hoping to be able to supply them for the apprenctices as well in the future. I believe this is a step towards a really positive thing.

Dracula tommorow and saturday! Merde to us all!

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