Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-week progress

a 'just for fun' picture taken on our roofdeck. I bought the costume at a good will for like $2 and was feeling in a spanish mood. So...OLE!! picture by booba of course ;)

Well, here we are. One week in counting before our opening Dracula show. Sadly, our first weekend of shows was cancelled due to a financial misunderstanding with the theater. To be honest though the company could use this extra week to clean and fine tune certain parts. So, it really is a blessing is disguise.

Other than that rehearsals have been fairly smooth. I have noticed, however, that the boys tend to take a bit longer to pick up the choreography. We always seem to spend much longer on their parts. I dont' know if this is a general problem with boys or if it just happens to be the boys we have right now. Just curious.

I'm really pumped to do the shows. There is just something about this ballet that pulls me into the character and i feel really comfortable with my role. Being a bride of dracula allows me to explore a darker realm of acting. We are given the freedom to put alot of ourselves into our characters. It's nice to be a naughty blood sucking vampire for once and replace the tiara with fangs for a bit.

My sit up/arm routines have been making my dancing alot steadier. (if that makes sense) I've been doing a lot of situp and arm stretches with my thera band to prep for the stamina that is required for the dances in this ballet. I feel that it is evening out muscles that i don't nessecarily work as often with just taking class. To sum it up, i feel good and strong.

It's a slow week and i'm feeling a little sick. (sinus pressure and sore throat) I'm hoping i can kick it! Hope you are all well and starting to feel the halloween spirit a little bit!! It's a fun time of year ;)

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