Sunday, September 20, 2009

Those last days of summer...bring on Dracula!

This past week was a long one with a beautiful weekend ending.

We started Dracula rehearsals in full force this week covering the 1st and 2nd act. I think that's pretty good progress. It's a three act ballet, so having just one act to set isn't so stressful with two weeks till opening. We have fast learners in the company so it makes the learing process less tedious.
I love getting to be the bride of Dracula. There is three of us who get to flap round on stage and bite the crap out of Jonathan, one of the main characters in the ballet. I'm the arabic bride so i have to show my stomach in a two piece costume. I have started my sit up routine to get my abs show worthy. I also get to wear my hair down and kinda crazy. It's a nice change from a tight constricted bun. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy buns, but there is something about being able to dance with your hair down that just feels freeing.
Besides rehearsals this past week i also am back teaching at both studios now. I also picked up a three hour shift for a teacher who wouldn't be able to cover her tuesday classes. Teaching four nights of the five this week really wore me out though. Don't get me wrong, i love teaching, but after dancing all day i just felt very worn down physically. I will, however, enjoy getting the extra money! That part never hurts.
This weekend was a busy one as well, but in a really fun, relaxing way. I went to a wine festival with my booba sat. We shared a bottle of delicious White Cranberry wine and i made us a picnic of cheese,crackers, and grapes. On Sun. booba had a craft show outside at a Jersey farm selling his photography/illustrations. It was a LONG day outside, but he was at least able to sell some pieces. I also got spotted as a dancer. One ladys booth was selling cute tutus for little girls and the woman said that i looked familar. Apparently her little 8yr old daughter does our nutcracker with us as a little mouse. Small world huh? I also ordered a tutu from her. All black i'm so excited! She hand makes them so i know it will be good quality. I will post pictures as soon as i get it.
Well i just finished hanging out at my parents house and i will be off to drive back home to start another long week. Updates soon!
Hope all are well!