Sunday, March 21, 2010


picture from last nights show. I'm glad he helped me to "get the leg up" haha.

Sorry. I didn't get to update via the show. The second we got there we were rushed onto the stage for a photoshoot for promotional work and then we had spacing/tech rehearsals following right after. We JUST finsied tech. in time to finish putting makeup on and get ready for the opening of the show. Crazy.

The show went......ok. We all were feeling a bit under rehearsed. What should have been a clean show felt more like a tech. rehearsal. But, it wasn't awful and the audience seemed to enjoy it. Some guy in the front row was clapping along to the pieces. It made me feel inspired and smille extra big. Having a good audience really helps the performance feel more like a performance. You know people are enjoying it so you give that much more to them.

I'm looking forward to our show next weekend. I feel that we will be more together and can just enjoy performing it instead of worrying what the next steps are.

Today i spent outside with booba. It was so nice. I feel like a new refreshed person. Oh, not to mention we had a photoshoot.(had a picnic and drank meade) I will be posting them once he edits them. I wanted to do a shoot with him and I in it instead of just me. I like sharing the screen with him. :) <3

Hope everyone is well and most importantly HAPPY :)



Hannah said...

Beautiful photo - pleased the performance went well!

I'm a late re-starter of ballet and can only dream of being as good as you!

Love reading your blog though - please check mine out!

Hannah x

Elise said...

lovely photo !