Friday, December 4, 2009

...and a chance of snow

Our second show of Nutcracker is tommorow night and snow is in the forecast. Not a big deal. They are only calling for 1/2 an inch, which really might end up being just rain. It's still exciting to think of seeing the white stuff in the air as we perform Nutcracker. Both are just magical. I have been thinking alot about the show and how certain parts still makes the hair on my arm stand up. After all the sweat, blisters, and long hours that is put into the show that i have been lucky to be performing since i was 12 i'm still amazed by it. You either hate or love the ballet, or it's a love/hate. I have a special place for the ballet in my heart because it was the first professional ballet that i performed in. So for me, it reminds me of when i fell in love with ballet. When i knew that this is what i wanted to do. I am embracing every moment of it this year. You never know when it will be your last!

On a side note, we have started our spring rep. already! We have to start later this spring so she is trying to get all the choreography in now before we go on break. That way we can come back and refresh what we already learned. It is a bit much running long rehearsals for spring rep. and nutcracker shows, but it's refreshing to be learning something new. AND, this is a show i have never done before. She has pulled different pieces from her rep. including a beatles ballet. It should be a really fun show. Love love love :)
Ok, gotta finish getting stuff together for tommorow. Hope you are all well.

ps my booba made this for me the other day. I just love it. It just about sums me up <3

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