Sunday, November 29, 2009

one down!

It officialy feels like the holidays when you meet this guy

We had our first set of shows this past Saturday. After a pretty rough tech. rehearsal, the show seemed to run pretty smoothly. I feel like things were poorly organized. We ended up just running first act during the tech. and not second. It was scary because flowers really needs to be spaced on the stage before you do it due to the amount of people on stage and the different formations. We did our best to just feel each other and our opposites. I think it worked out, but it still made the show extra nerve wrecking for us.

My first show of arabian was pretty good. We didn't get the end lift, but we covered it well enough. It was a combination of nerves and the fact that my partner was worn out due to ANOTHER rehearsal he had previously during the day with another company. Kinda sucks that he wore himself out on the day of a show. Typical male dancer. (no offense) I do it with my other partner next weekend so we shall see how that goes.

On another note, thanksgiving was great. It was nice to relax with my family and booba and eat some great food. My director gave us two days off after the show which is nice. Then on tue. we start our spring show rehearsals already. It just never ends haha. Tuesday we have a wine tasting fund raiser for the company and i got the fun job of dressing up in a costume and pouring wine. Should be interesting. I'm hoping for a few glasses afterwards haha.

Hope you all had a safe and happy thanksgiving weekend!
Next set of shows next weekend!