Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Very long week...

This week is going by and taking it's good ol' time. Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same day over and over? The only thing that really changes is what i had to eat. I think i'm just having 'one of those weeks'. It's not even a bad week, just one that seems to drag out.

The shows are in exactly one week. We have been running it from start to finish everyday. After running it our director will go through and break everything down; clean what needs to be cleaned and clarify spacing issues. I feel that we are ready for the stage. Having fast learners has helped the ballet get up and running a lot smoother.

My body is getting back to its old self slowly but surely. I'm still working on stretching a lot to get my exention to where it use to be, but im doing it slowly. You never really want to rush something like that after being off for a while. It takes patients and repetition to ensure things are being done safely and with minimal pain.

annnnd, on a 'yipeeeeee' note: we get paid on Friday. I def. NEED this paycheck. It's been a little rough not teaching or getting paid to dance for a couple of months. My account balance has felt that one!

I will try to update a little more exciting news once i get some more time. We are still running our super LONG days. Once the school starts back in about a week we will work our regular hours again (ugh thank you) and i will be able to write a bit more and not be so tired.

sleepy time!

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