Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pink buble bath

I will start this blog off with a warning that i am very tired and sore so i apologize for the lack of excitment or correct grammar. (and spelling)

We started full blast into rehearsals after class on tuesday. Our director is wasting no time getting things rolling. This is probably a good thing considering we only have about three weeks to get this ballet up and running.
Our schedule starts off at 10am for company class. 1
1:30 we get 1/2 hr lunch break.
12-3 rehearsal boardwalk hall
5 dinner break/drive to in studio rehearsal
4-7 (sometimes 8) continued rehearsal at the studio

We have to leave boardwalk hall at 3pm because we have the space for free (hence why we don't get airconditioning) we get kicked out around then. It's just been really long days of sweating, fighting sore muscles that don't want to move, and getting to know all the new people in the company. I think we have a very good group of new dancers. The boys are looking especially strong.

I'm pretty happy with the casting i received as well. Can't complain if i get to look forward to performing on the stage soon! Once this week is over (when the soreness has gone down a bit) i'm going to work on rebuilding my strength and flexiblity to where it was before i decided to take almost 2months off haha. I won't be doing that again. Although, i did enjoy being lazy and drinking beer by the pool. :)

Alright well i'm going to read a bit then hit the pillow. Up early again for another LOOOONNG day.

sore, but pleased,

ps- on a random side note. One of the Korean girls brought me back from home some wonderful bath salts and soaps from Japan when she went to visit her boyfriend there. I have been taking full advantage of them and have been taking baths the past two days. The one packet i used turned my bath water PINK. Like BRIGHT pink. It was crazy, but felt so relaxing. I'm pretty sure this was the stuff:

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