Saturday, June 27, 2009


Camp has been busy and tiring, but very rewarding in the end. It's week two already and i've really grown to like the students. Some have come all the way from California! I love my little youth camp students. They are so full of curiousity and the eagerness to learn. In my choreography class with them we learn to experiment different ideas for movement by setting up different scenarios. They come up with such elaborate stories i just love sitting back and watching it unfold.

I choreographed a three min. contemporary piece for the older campers over the past two weeks. We had a short amount of time to get pieces together because they were to perform them on the outside stage in Atlantic City that coming Friday. Earlier in the first week we got some exciting news from out director about a movie company being interested in using the dancers for a film they were shooting. More exciting news came when i foudn out that students and staff were to be paid $100 for being part of the filming!!

That friday we should up late afternoon and saw all the film crews and equipment set up as they were already filming scenes around outside. We were to just hang out and wait for our cue to start running the pieces we had. They watched the show and picked the pieces they liked that would fit well with the movie. (apprently it's a movie about a boxer....not sure how ballet ties in with that haha) They made those poor girls do about six takes so they could get it from all different angles. It was hot and humid out and those poor girls looked like they were dying! I got to sit in the audience (first row) and was directed to clap loudly after each run. (hopefully that will get me in the movie because i was extra outgoing and excited)

Going to celebrate 5yrs tommorow with booba. <3 should be a lovely day and relaxing. I could use that for sure.
Ok, nothing else too exciting i promise better posts to come soon!

some pictures to end!

My sleeping Onna.

In the window, her favorite place


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