Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earth Song...

love this artist.

Last week of camp!

It's the last week of teaching at the summer camp. It's been educational for me not just as a teacher, but as a dancer. You really get to learn from being on both sides. Every year i teach i learn a new way and technique to getting through to my students. It's important to understand how they work as a group and how to connect with them while at the same time maintaining your authority. (not OVER them, but as someone who wants to share knowledge they have yet to discover). Being an artist can be viewed at times as selfish and self-full-filling. Teaching has opened up a whole new (rewarding) world to me where i WANT to give my students everything. Teach them from mistakes i have made, but at the same time let them make thier own. One grows stronger as an artist when there is some struggling to get where you want to be. It's really the struggle more so than the goal that makes you an artist. That's when you truely live.

here's a video of the Michael Jackson dance *tribute* that i finishd choreographing for the girls on Monday. They did very well with the piece. I really like this song too, it's very powerful.


best wishes!

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