Monday, July 27, 2009

2 weeks in counting

The last student show went really well for all the students and the apprentices. I think the mini Michael Jackson tribute a few of us choreographed to went over really well. The audience responded with loud cheers and clapping along. As i had mentioned in previous posts, I choreographed to "earth song". The other songs choreographed to were "black and white", "gone to soon", and "for the children" (<- i think that's the title?) I think it was was a good way to end the summer session.

It's birthday season right now. Boobas bday is in a couple of days as well as my roommates, dad, oh yea, and ME. :) I think we are going to go to an amusement park the day of my birthday. I've been wanting to go to one for a while now. I have about 2wks (little less than) off before we officialy kick off our season so i want to take advantage of my mini summer. What other fun things can you do in the summer? I'm going down the shore tommorow (weather pending).

What is something you have enjoyed doing so far this summer?

Any really good summer dance programs you have been too for you dancers out there?

Just curious to hear some input. :)
Take care!



Elise said...

Hello, loving your blog, thank you so much for sharing !

Sara Lonngren said...

thank you for following!! :) i appreciate it. :)