Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well i'm back!


*Colorado was BEAUtiful. We went on a train ride through the mountains that just showed the true beauty of the landscape.

*The wedding was wonderful. They got married in the woods by a stream. It was so lovely and i know they will be happy together.

*At the reception they had a salsa instructor come and teach an hour lesson. Even though i was date-less, i had fun. The instructor came over and danced with me for a bit and even taught me some new moves they weren't showing other people because i was picking it up pretty quick. (future career? hah...probably not, i'm just good at faking it)

*This week finished up week one back to the company.

*Re-learned the rep. pieces and finished two of them.

*I'm still getting to meet and learn the names of the new dancers. There is a handful of them and the most i think we've had all season. They all are very nice and quick learners

*It will be an interesting season and one that i am very excited for.

My brain is fried from a very long first week back. From being lazy most of the summer to full time really knocked me out. My body is sore, but my mind is in the right place. Lets DO this. :)


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