Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Worst blister ever. I feel like i wore pointe shoes for the first time ever. Wearing my new shoes without wrapping my toes first was a bad choice. I ended up with some pretty bloody and unhappy blisters on my big and little toe.

This of course also happened on a Monday so i have been struggling to keep them clean all week. Today we had dress rehearsal in the studio and after running one piece i couldn't take the pain any more. I'm usally a tough cookie when it comes to pain, but this was unbearable. I HAD to take my shoes off and put my flats on. My director understood, but i still felt bad for my partner who didn't really get to do the piece full out with me.

I hope these heal quickly and i can get my shoes back on without flinching. The show is just around the corner!! AND teaching is starting up soon as well.

Time to put the peroxide on the toes and rest my legs!



Always Learning said...

Wow. I can hardly believe it, but I remember EXACTLY how that feels!

Craig Billow said...

You are a soldier, an artist, a warrior, and my muse. You'll be just fine, as always. A few blisters won't keep you down. I am so inspired by your strength and determination. <3 Stay strong! I love you.