Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camp time!

Teaching summer camp kicks off today! Thank you 100+ heat wave for your timing.

I am actually really excited to start teaching today. I have missed the studio and it's only been a couple of weeks. This studio I am heading out to today seems really laid back and I already know a couple of the students. I interviewed there last week (as i had posted previously) and felt right at home. I hope they are hungry to learn! :)

Tommorow I am planning on taking company class and then i have a marathon of teaching 10:30- to about 6pm. (of course with some small breaks in between) It is at our companies international summer camp. I am VERY excited for this one. I teach arts and crafts, ballet, and two workshops!! I finally get to choreograph again and get all those ideas and movements out of my head. It's amazing how quickly they start pilling up in there when you sit around the pool all day like a bum drinking margaritas. (which i have enjoyed completely) It's time to get MOVING again.

I am teaching a demo-ballet class for another place that i interviewed at last Friday. I was horribly late to it thanks to fouth of July traffic, but i think it went fairly well. I really hope i get it! $ <- this is making me nervous again as per usual.

Almost a month to go before company starts! (yikes!) I am boot camping my butt back into shape when this heat wave stops frying us like an egg.

Here's to summer dance camps and lazy weekends!
Hope everyone had a great fourth of July (where is the summer going??)

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