Thursday, July 22, 2010

The turn around

I have to start off this post by first thanking everyone who responded to my desperate cries for help on how handle a group of 7-8yr olds in ballet. I can't tell you how helpful your ideas/thoughts were and I really appreciate the feedback!

THANK you.

The class went SO much better. I don't know if another teacher gave them a stern talking to or what, but they were on a totally different level than they were in the previous weeks. For their choreography class i decided to collaborate with them. I had them come up with a story/theme. They all wanted to be bees. So, i created a piece around the day of a bumble bee and it was probably the most fun they have had all week. In the end we created a really cool piece of choreography. I found that involving them more and letting them have a voice (besides a loud,complaining one) really helped them focus and engage in what we were doing. It was also my last week with them.

I finished a piece of choreography that i set on the older campers. (really mixed group, age wise) I feel pleased with the work and how they are presenting it. It's harder for a younger group to express certain emotions so i try to give them big traveling steps that occupy alot of space. I feel like this forces them NOT to hold back and allows to open the door more for self expression. I told them to connect the movement with a story in their head. I know they will do well on Friday when they present the piece. I feel satified that it is a finished piece of work. It's like i was in thereapy and got it all out of my head. That's the release after a piece is done for me.

Well i hope everyone is well. Things are looking up still and i will continue to push ahead a little more everyday. I am blessed to be able to be a teacher while being a student - always learning everyday - still. I am blessed to be able to dance still and express myself. I am blessed that i am able to support myself with what little money i bring in. It's worth it to do something that i love and sacrafice not having deigner bags or my nails/hair done. It's the little things that matter most.

My best to you!

ps- i apologize for my grammer and spelling mistakes in my posts. I always go back and re-read older posts and slap my hand to my forehead for some of grammer mistakes i make. I think i need someone to proof my posts before they go out to the public! :)

pps- the wedding booba and i shot was beautiful. We made a good team and got some great pictures out of it. It was also wonderful practice for me. I can't wait for the next one!!


Hannah said...

So pleased your 7-8s have been better since your last post. I love the idea of a piece of dance based on bumble bees - it sounds brilliant and I may steal the concept for when we do our eco topic next term (did you know the bumble & honey bee are endangered in England?!) It sounds like things have really turned around - am so pleased for you!


Genius idea ! Knew you'd be brilliant. Have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...
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