Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer time!

I can't believe it's summer already! It HAS felt like summer for a bit now because of the temperature, but it is OFFICIALLY here now. Summer camp is in full swing and i am enjoying the students. I teach arts and crafts with the mini campers and workshop to the older ones. Workshop is basicly 1 1/2hrs of me teaching them choreography. I am in love with Florence (band) and am doing a contemporary/ballet piece to her 'Rabbit Heart' song. I've alway had an image of Alice in Wonderland when i listened to the song so i decided to do a cliff note version of choreography to tell the story.

The students are having fun with the piece and that is what is most important to me. If the people you choreograph for aren't enjoying what they are giving them then they won't perform it the way you want them too. I love seeing them laugh and add their imput and ideas. As a choreographer i am always feeding off the the energy from the group and will always listen to their ideas/thoughts. I hate people who get so stubborn about how they want things to go. Keeping an open flow of energy and creativity between the dancers and choreographer gives the piece more excitement and energy. It's a rewarding experience and i just love the process.

In other news, i celebrated 7yr with my booba yesterday. I couldn't be happier. :) He's such a great support system for me and my career. Even in my crazy moments he sticks by me. Love you booba, you're the best.

I REALLY need to get my butt to class. Taking

barre once a week is not going to get my butt back into shape! Next week, i'll work on getting better at that.

Hope you are well and cool!


~Jenn~ said...

I've been meaning to pick your brain lately. I'm a big idea person and I have one that's been coming back at me for a while now So I think I'm going for it. I respect your opinion as an artist and dancer. I also know I can count on your discretion. I'll get in contact with you soon.

Sara said...

pick away ;)