Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, i haven't posted in a bit because my HP laptop decided to stop turning the screen on for no reason. I'm really upset because it is only about 2yrs old and i have done nothing to prompt this malfunction. So fustrating...

ANYway, things have been wonderful. My booba took me on a suprise vacation to the fingerlake ny. He said we needed to celebrate 7yrs properly and wanted to get away somewhere special. It really was amazing and i could go into details, but i will spare you. Instead, i will sum it up: slept in a real old train caboose as a hotel, swam in a huge lake, drank a lot...a LOT.. of great wines, ate amazing food, and had a wonderful time with my best friend ever :)

We are now a week away from the beginning of the season...yikkkkkkkeeeees. Im ready to get back into the routine but this also leaves me about a week to get semi in shape. We have company headshots/bodyshots the day before we start so i have to look in shape and not like i just went on vacation. Should be interesting.

The new apprentices have been slowly arriving to the studio and i can't help but feel the pressure of pushing myself. Dancers tend to judge themselves and everyone else. It's sad, but we have this drive to stay on top of our game. I think i feel the pressure the most because i have been there so long and i am a company memeber. Some of these newbies are younger and better than me. I have this feeling sometimes that they will look at me and say ' how did SHE make it into the compamy '. It's hard for me to get that thought out of my head and I wish that i could just accept me and my dancing for what it is. Time for some positive energry. Maybe i need some yoga because we start? :)

Anyway, i'll leave you with some photos from the trip. My booba and i are thinking about starting a blog called "Ballet Everywhere" . Everytime we go somewhere or on vacation i always have to take my 'ballet shot'. I thought it might be cool to post a blog of me doing ballet ballet poses in different locations. What do you think? Lame, kinda cool, or it's been done. Anyway, hope you all are enjoying your summer and aren't melting too much! <3


Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

(posted wrong link on previous comment!)

I think it's a great idea - love your photos! You have a nice line. Have you heard of the ballerina project? Same concept - a NYC photographer takes shots of dancers all over the city. Gorgeous images: