Monday, June 13, 2011

June Bug.

Good morning!

I got my contract in the mail for our upcoming season last week. I can't believe it's time to sign contracts already?! We start back August 1st and I CAN'T WAIT. Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying the lazy days of waking up (whenever i want) and wondering what Netflix movie to put on. Or, the days where i sit in bed trying to decide where I am going to take an open ballet class at my leisure. It's been fun, but i miss a REAL schedule and consistant class. (and of course performing)

I have my recitals this coming Saturday and i was asked by my director to perform a short piece in them. I get really nervous performing along side the students because i know the moms and dads are seeing the product of what they are paying for. Not that my performance will do much, but it's still a solo on stage. That would make me nervous any day! It's a circus theme so i bought myself a hula hoop and will do my best to fake some hula tricks. I have attempted a few 'tricks' (by tricks i mean throwing it in the air) already and when i'm not dropping it or hitting myself it looks pretty ok. Seeing my students on stage will give me the most satisfaction. Their progress over a span of a school year is amazing. I'm like a proud mama seeing how far they have come. Teaching gives me such a full feeling. Giving back what was given to me.

Today is another lazy day followed by my last Monday teaching. There will be some hard drilling of their dances to make sure they are ready for the stage! Hopefully a few open ballet classes this week so i don't pull anything when i prance with a hula hoop on stage Saturday! :)

My best to you all.
Do something you love, and do it with all your heart today.

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