Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Morning.

Morning everyone! Today i will get my butt back into class. It's been about a week an a half now since my last class and my body and emotions feel it. I've been a bit depressed. This happens to me everytime the season ends and i'm forced to face life without a routine. It's the routine of getting up, bunning my hair, and mentally preparing for class and rehearsal that i miss. People that work a 'normal' job have consistancy(for the most part) that a performer does not. Our schedules change so often that we are always re-adjusting the way we do things. I hate change and need to have a routine to fall into. Adding class back into my life will change my mood significantly. I think dance will always have to be a part of my life. I feel so lost without out. It's who i am and how i express myself. When i don't have it i feel like i've lost my identity. I'm curious if other artists feel the same way? Not even just dancers, but all forms of art. Do you lose who you are when you stop doing what defines you? DOES it define you? My head has been swimming with these questions lately. I guess we all hit these road blocks in our career. It will all pan out i'm sure. We all have our purposes. :)

Getting ready for class now, my best to you all. Keep positive and go for what you want. Do what you love and you will be rewarded.


Barbara said...

So glad you decided to follow my blog - I love yours! I was a ballet dancer for many years...going to read some of your posts now! :)


Barbara said...

...When I had to stop ballet due to injury, I went through horrible "withdrawals" - both emotionally and physically. Eventually, I was able to take classes recreationally, and then decided to teach, which was very satisfying. I do think any art form you follow passionately becomes burned in your soul forever. I will always be a ballet dancer in my heart.

Sara said...

Thanks Barbara! I love your blogg and your jewlery is beautiful. That's great that you were a ballet dancer, once a dancer alway a dancer. It's great to keep a part of it alive in your life.

~Jenn~ said...

Sara, I completely understand what you are feeling. I'm struggling myself with a few similar issues. I have come to the point where I know I have to still be active in dance in one way or another. It's my heart and soul. Keep the faith. You still have a great road ahead.