Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring in the air.

Well i'm feeling much better and not so debbie downer-ish. A few days after i posted my previous blogg i got the yucky flu. I blame it for the bad feelings i was having. It really hit me hard and had me in bed for a few days. Coming out of it has left me feeling refreshed and motivated. I'm happy to be back to myself and will make sure to wash my hands extra after teaching my little ones. (where i most likely picked it up)

I should start getting back into class again. I've been trying to stetch a little here and there so i don't get too stiff, but i need a good class to kick my butt and sweat out some toxins.

I've been debating going for light jogs i'm just worried it will build the wrong muscles. The ideas of just running in the park with the birds and fresh air sounds really refreshing to me. I guess i can weigh the pros and cons of it.

Not too much else going on here. Lazy days followed by occationally teaching in the evening. I wish more was going on. I'd like to pick up added hours teaching and have been looking into summer programs. I hope i can get a nice line up so i'm not totally broke before our season starts back.

I will be assisting in photographing a few weddings this summer with my booba so that's some extra income. I can't wait. I love getting to make extra money working with my boy and best friend. :) I'd really like to see our mini side buisness of event photography take off a bit more. Landing some more gigs would really help me out.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Go outside and get some of that lovely spring air. It's alive and full of new hope.


Barbara said...

Glad you're feeling better - a flu this time of year is especially depressing. My son has it as we speak!

Love the photograph! Is that you?


Sara said...

Barbara, thanks! i feel better than before i was sick! :) Hope your son recovers soon, lots of water/tea!

I love this photo too, it isn't me i just likes the composition. :)