Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm on the last two days of the company lay off and i finally have a silver lining to my annyoning shoulder/neck pain. I contacted our physical therapist and told her i wanted to come in and see if she could check it out. She had me twist and turn and do strength tests and told me it was a pull/strain of the Trapezius muscle. It explained why the pain was in my neck and sprayed out to my shoulder. I was relieved it wasn't anything more serious. She put me on a electrotherapy machien for 15min. I've never done that before and it so strange. It was almost as if someone was lightly pinching your skin. I have to go back for a few more sessions to see results. I'm so glad that we have her helping the company out for free.

For the record, googling injuries is a mistake. It always leads you to think you are dying or have some sort of illness.

Maybe i will step outside the box with the time off and take a modern/jazz class tonight..hmmm ....
Be well!

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Aileen Melinda said...

Sara, you are so right about the Google-therapy...This is why doctors go to medicine school. If it was that easy to diagnose sb's symptoms then doctors wouldn't exist by now.

My physiotherapist is a savior for me too. He helped me get through a sprained ankle through my graham technique exams and a pull/strain of my broadest muscle of my lower back!
I hope that by now everything is fine with your injury! :)