Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling fall

Well, i have been quite busy. Ever since ballet/teaching has picked up i haven't had much time to myself. My days are really long on the nights i am teaching and i go into automatic mode sometimes just to keep up my energy! It's very draining dancing all day then teaching all night. ( I end up demonstarting basicly everything to my students) I like being busy, but it's also nice to have some 'breathing' time. Today i have just that! We worked about 10 days in a row because of our outside free shows the past two weekends. It's nice to now have a day to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and just resting.

Dracula rehearsals are about 3 weeks in and i feel like we are in good shape. I remember last year we were struggling to finish up the third act a couple of days before opening night. I have mixed emotions about the show. I'm excied to be performing the role of 'bride of dracula', but i'm also a little bummed that i didn't get to do Lucy again this year. I had so much fun with that role last year and felt that i really gave it my all. My director was perfectly nice in explaning that although i did a really good job with the role, we don't have strong enough boys for my height. She pulled me aside to have a meeting with me personally to make sure that i wasn't upset and to let me know that it had nothing to do with how i danced. Im still a little bummed, but i understand where she is coming from. It just leaves me a little nervous for Nutcracker. I am worried that she will take roles away from me that i have worked really hard to achieve. I hate the feeling of being casted down. Why work so hard if i'm just going to be ignored and easily replaced? Anyway, these are my conflicting throughts. I pray that this won't be the case with upcoming productions. Im just going to be

working hard and pushing myself until then.
I hope everyone is well!!


Barbara said...

Beautiful photo! Have a wonderful time dancing in Dracula...though you didn't get the role you'd like, trust me...the dancing career is over much too fast, so enjoy it while you can!


DMB said...

I do sympathize with the disappointment! And yet I agree with Barbara..every performance is precious. And teaching...don't demonstrate too much. Pick a student to demonstrate each exercise while you say it. It really keeps them focused! While your sore muscles rest. Try it...(I've worked that kind of schedule often).

Sara said...

thanks! i am very grateful to be still dancing for sure :) i wouldn't trade it for the world...even if it's not the part i was hoping for. I do enjoy what i was given and will dance the heck out of it haha.

That is a good idea! It would help them to demo for the class. thank you :) and i'm sure my muscles will thank me as well haha.