Saturday, December 24, 2011

Frohe Wienachten!

In the German tradition, my family does presents this Christmas Eve.

Our last set of shows ended last Saturday....a week ago! I have to say i'm a little surprised to miss it already. I feel like i was in the best shape ive been in a while for these shows and now i'm scared that i will lose it. After only a week off (minus one class i took wednesday because i was bored) i can myself getting weaker. I guess it's hard for dancers during the holiday time off. You lose muscle mass faster than you gain it. I wish i had a way to reverse that AND be lazy eating cookies, but sadly i don't think that is a reality.

I'll rest for another couple of days, then try to get back into a normal class routine. Sadly that mean spending money so it will probably only be a few times a week. My second priority will be getting ready for recital and choreography for the piece i wll be setting on the company with a fellow dancers. (more details to come about that one! ) Needless to say...i am very excited about this upcoming project.

My best to you and yours. A very Merry Christmas.

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