Monday, December 5, 2011

Dancing double.

Hey everyone!!
My company and I have survivied our first set of double nutcracker shows!
They snuck up on us so fast this year that i haven't had a lot of time to update. I apoligize for that, but i will try updating about the shows/techs via my phone from now on. I like to document them so i can share what's going on with you all and also to have a written memory of my dancing days.

Anyway, getting back to the shows. They went really well for being our first. We had well over 200 hundred people for our first show because of the large amount of students we had. The first shows audience was also very responsive and i know we all appreciated that. It allowed us to truely enjoy being on stage and bring everything to life. The second show wasn't as croweded and i know a lot of us had to push extra hard to get through it, but i know it will get easier next week.

We were given today off to rest and will start back tommorow to rehearse the next cast. This coming weekend are two sets of double shows and i will be performing Snow Queen and Arabian. I can't wait! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. These rolls give me an opportunity to really show why i love to dance. I try to become the character the best i can and take the audience with me.
nutcracker 1890.

feel like i have a million things to do around the apartment today so i guess i should be starting on that. Don't you love how days off aren't realllllly days off haha.
Hope you are all well!


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