Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Apple!

We are off in those lovely stretched white vans tommorow for two shows in NYC!! I get a little bit more nervous for the shows there because there is more pressure to be perfect. NYC is such a huge hub for the dance world. When you go there to see dance people know what they like and don't like. We usually only perform so our audience consist of fans ofthe company or locals looking for something to do. New York will bring us dance critics, a possible booking agent, and other dancers curious to see who this small company is.

There was a lot of tension today in the studio. Last rehearsals before a set of important shows will do that. We ended up running and cleaning more than usual and ran out of time to run the last rep. piece. Yikes. I feel the most comfortable with that piece, but it still makes you feel a little anxious having not run and fixed little pre-show kinks. Hopefully we will be able to give the piece some extra time tommorow before the show. Keeping positive until then!!

Long weekend, bring it on!!

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