Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My eye stopped twitching.

For the first time in months my eye has stopped twitching.

I just got back from my yearly trip to Florida with my booba post Nutcracker/fall season. It's a way to celebrate getting through the first big chunk (and most challenging physically) of our season and enjoy some warm weather mid-winter. The warm weather for a couple days gives us a break from the cold and makes us excited for spring.

The trip is exactly what the doctor ordered. Two days into our trip my eye stopped twitching! A break from class, rehearsals, teaching, driving, and cold did wonders for my health and spirit. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with my life and all it's chaos, but when your eye twitch starts making you feel like a crazy person with a screw loose it's time for a break! I also think the vitamin D I received from mr. sun was a HUGE help. A gummie D vitamin can't compare to the real deal.

So company starts back next week and it's only now that i am starting to regret that big fruity cocktail and fried seafood. Ok, i am not regreting it at all, but come leotard time i probably will.

Spring season already?? I can't beleive it. I am more excited than ever. We are doing some really wonderful and some new pieces. I love working on new and contemporary choreography. It challenges my brain and awakens my artistry. Bring it on!

Now i just need to work on the six pieces i need choreograph for the students recital. Yikes. Lets see how long it takes before that i starts twitching again haha.

Of Florida. I miss you already.

Sorry for my long v-cay from bloggin! I think i need a disconnect. Hope you all are well!

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Dianne said...

Yes, an eye twitch can drive one nuts.... so glad you had a wonderful vacation!Regards...