Sunday, December 12, 2010

A long weekend.

We finally wrapped up our longest weekend of shows as of last night. It was tough this year for some reason. (Maybe i'm just getting old!) My body just feels like it was very heavy by the last show. I really had to push the last bit of energy i had to get through flowers. (which is the hardest dance i think i've ever had to do as far as staminia) It's a non-stop cardio work out with lifts and jumps and running and makes me tired just thinking about it. BUT, i can't complain because i always miss it when it's over. I feel bad sometimes complaining about something I am so happy and blessed to be doing still.

Two more shows to go!! Then it's resting, eating, resting, presents, resting. Then Spring Season! (which we have started already in between Nutcracker shows.) Hope everyone else doing Nutcracker out there are having good runs! :)

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