Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crossing my toes.

We have a busy weekend. Two shows this weekend and i'm flipping between doing brides on Saturday and Lucy on Sunday.

Todays rehearsal started off well. My director brought the Lucy costumes so i could practice moving in them with lifts. I got to do one section of the ballet, but we began to run out of time when she started working more on the brides dance. SO, i didn't get to run second act and only quickly ran through two sections of Lucy. I am freaking out. I feel so under-rehearsed and it makes me nervous because i have a bunch of people coming to see me do this role. I know i might be just freaking out and everything will be ok, but it so hard to not worry that it won't get well. We are our own worse critics! The only bit of comfort from the day came when my director leaned over to me and said, "I think Lucy is going to look really nice." It instilled some confidence in me, but it also said that she could feel my anxiety.

I will be crossing my toes during the Sunday show. Now all i can do is focus on Brides for our big show Saturday.

AND on a Halloween note, i am happy to say that i will be portraying Marie Antoinette this year with my booba as my butler. I can't wait. My wig, that i bought super cheap on ebay, just came today in the mail and it looks great!

What will you be?

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