Monday, October 25, 2010


We had a long weekend, two shows in two different states. I feel they both went pretty well. Our director gave us a good speech before the one show telling us that we are really strong dancers. She wanted us now not to just dance the role, but to become it. I really took this to heart and let myself give in. Letting yourself get lost in a role is such an amazing feeling. You get transformed into another universe and live this person/things life for a moment in time and feel what they would feel.

I got to do Lucy for the first time yesterday and i definately had one of those moments where I WAS Lucy. There was no audience or stage. I was haunted and hunted by Dracula and killed by the suitors. I felt so alive after the show. Sure it wasn't perfect and it had it's flaws, but the satisfaction of letting go on stage and immersing myself in the role was amzing.

Today was had off to rest and our last show is on Thursday! I can't wait to get on that stage again. :)

Almost Halloween, time to do the finishing touches on my costume and carve a pumpkin.

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