Saturday, October 2, 2010


I still can't believe it is fall! OR that it is October 2nd. Crazy how fast time goes.

I'm a little nervous about this upcoming week for a few reasons. a. I had to take off two days from rehearsal/class to be a part of a wedding. b. we have our opening show of Dracula this Saturday. c. I still have a big section of Lucy to learn. The part where she is turned into a vampire and gets killed by the suiters. Yikes. I should be perfecting movements not learning this close to a show.

BUT, on a positive note, the wedding was beautiful and i had so much fun. It was really a flashback for me getting to hang out with my best girls from college and watch our friend get married. It took me back to those days where you could stay up till the sun came out and function on 2hrs of sleep. I have great memories of those four years and i was able to have them all come rushing back for one night with the people i love around me.

I can't wait to get back to ballet Monday. I miss it already! It's crazy how much it is a part of me. It's my sanity and my insanity. Ask any dancer and i'm sure they would agree.

Today felt good. I got to go out and shoot some photos today with booba. I want to learn as much as i can. I love the way it feels to see a moment or image and capture in a way that my eyes perceive it. I have a LOT to learn, but i think every bit of practice and guidance helps.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Do something you love and tell someone you love them. Lifes too short to wait.


“Ballet's image of perfection is fashioned amid a milieu of wracked bodies, fevered imaginations, Balkan intrigue and sulfurous hatreds where anything is likely, and dancers know it.”
-Shana Alexander

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Craig Billow said...

you're way more talented than you give yourself credit for <3