Thursday, September 23, 2010

So excited.

I'm tired and it's been a long week so i'll make it brief.

Casting went up for Dracula this week and i'm doing Lucy!!!!! I am also doing my old part as a Bride and alternating with another girl. I have been waiting to do the of Lucy since we started doing Dracula. I'm going to do my best with this role and become the part.

Rehearsal for rep. have been going the same time we have been learning Dracula so it has been a bit rough. Our last rep. show goes on stage Saturday and then we will be in full blown Dracula mode for our opening show on the 9th of October.

Did i mention this was a busy season right now? :)

Can't complain, i'm doing what i love!

Hope you are all well

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~Jenn~ said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! That's fantastic! I'll be taking company class soon. Merde for this weekend!