Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After a week off and lots of watching movies i'm back in the swing of things at the company. We had two new boys join us this week. One is from Japan and the other is from Romania. The guy from Romania actually danced with us about 3 years ago and decided to return back to the company after spending time home training.

I can't believe how many boys we have now! The boys in the company out number the girls. That is very unusual for us. I think my director was worried going into the season that we wouldn't have enough guys, but now we have more than enough. I guess that is a good thing. You never know who will stick around.

We have been rehearsing the rep. still from our last show in the Hamptons and putting the new boys in it. I love the pieces we are doing, but at this point i'm ready to be done with them and move on to Dracula. I am SO excited. I look forward to this ballet every year. It's such a unique piece for our company and appeals to a variety of viewers.

I really hope i get to do the part of Lucy this year. But, i'm not going to get my hopes up. I did understudy the role last year and got to fill in when the girls playing her was out sick a few times. So, guess i'll just keep my fingers crosed! But honestly, i would love any role in this ballet. I just enjoy being a part of it.

Alright my brain is going to shut down for the evening.

Hope all i well *

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