Monday, November 15, 2010

In full swing.

Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing and i am feeling pleasantly pleased.

I just feel a great sense of joy and happieness this time of year. Nutcracker is still such a wonderful ballet even if i've been doing it alllll these years. Something about it's magic never gets old for me. Maybe because it's story is something we always day dream about as children. I'm a sucker for fantasy.

This year i got Arabian again and a new role of snow queen. I feel very lucky to have gotten good parts even though i would be happy with any part really! I consider myself blessed to be still dancing and performing. I'd stand on stage in the back holding a prop just to get that feeling!

On top of my love of dance, i am deepening my love for photography. With the help of booba, of course. I am learning so much and really enjoying taking pictures. Booba and i shot a sweet 16 party this weekend and i just had so much fun working beside him and capturing those unplanned moments on a screen. It's so satisfying. I also got photoshop this weekend so i can fine tune the photos. I'm very excited.

Ps It's doesnt feel like mid-fall. It's lovely and warm. I'm not complaining!

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