Wednesday, February 4, 2009

smille and say cheeeeeeese


ok ok...i know. Valentine's day is cheesey, commercial, and way over done. "hallmark holiday" A little part of me still likes it. I've always liked it and not for the boy-girl-love-romance end of it. My mom always left me cute presents or bought be flowers on valentine's day. That's left me with positive associations with the holiday - i'm sorry 'hallmark day'. I just like the warmth of it and the idea of making cards and pink hearts. It makes me smile. Booba and i have our reservations set at a Thai food restuarant in south philly. It's a BYO and is affordable and cute. We debated even celebrating this year considering it's on a saturday (it's going to be crazy EVERYWHERE), but it gives us an excuse to go out and eat a good meal.

"you don't need a lover on valentine's day, you just need love."

On a more important note, i'm back to dance a little bit more steady this week. We still haven't heard when rehersals start, but i want to get my body in it's peak condition to what it was after nutcracker. Auditions should be starting soon!!

On a random note : i'm giving up meat for a week, well i have been since last Sunday. Why would i do a silly thing like that you ask? I just wanted to detox my body and see what the effect of not eating meat would have on my body. So far my skin looks awesome and glowy, and i have lots of energy. This isn't something i plan on pursuing forever I'm just giving it a shot for the heck of it. Plus, not eating meat is awesome for my wallet.

Philly got 8inches of snow last night. It was so pretty outside with the street lights highlighting the snow as it floated down to the streets and sidewalks. I love the silence that falls over an otherwise loud city when it snows tto. It's almost creepy but mostly calming.

alright enough random ranting.
american idol is on.


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