Thursday, January 29, 2009

two days on, two days off.

So, i'm back from break with the company and it's already starting off on a somber note. We have been just taking company class in anticipation to starting our spring season only to find that the "spring season" might or might not happen. Apparently we were unable to book a few places on time and the ones we were able to book are MONTHS apart. Now that's fine and all, but our director informed us that there is only enough money in the budget to pay us for 2 or 3 weeks rehersal time and then the rest for shows. So we won't be starting rehersals for another week or two. I'm concerned because we are doing sleeping beauty. How can we get this ballet up and running in under 2 weeks?? There are a lot of parts and variations to be learned and none of us have done this ballet with this company yet. I know i'm freaking out now and that in the end we will be able to pull it off. We all just have to pull together and work hard to make this a good (great) show.

I'm a little concerned financially. We have been off for a little over a month and a half. That's no income for a month and a half from the company. I am pulling in enough to make it from my two teaching jobs, but i'm a little concerned with the drop of money i rely on from another source. But, as i have said before everything WILL be ok. I'm a tough cookie and it takes a lot to really knock me down. It helps that i'm a budget queen and can stretch $20 a long way. I'll just do the best i can and appreciate what i DO have.

and if i was making more money i would buy the following :

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Dianne said...

Hey Sara. We are indeed in tough times. Thank heavens for teaching jobs! Your attitude is great and I agree it's better if you focus on what you do have and stay appreciating. All the best!