Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dancing on my grave

I've been wanting to read this book for some time now. --> I feel like it's been on my back burner list of 'must reads', but i just keep forgetting about it. I think i'm going to order it and finally take the plunge. My friend read it back in the day and had nothing but positive things to say about it.

"Prima ballerina Kirkland and her husband have written an emotional diatribe about Kirkland's dance career. The ballet equivalent of a "tell-it-all" Hollywood biography, this is a horror story of pain, anorexia, emotional difficulties, and casual sex, culminating in four years of cocaine addiction that brought her career to a standstill. At odds with both Balanchine and Baryshnikov in her insistence on putting her own dramatic interpretation into her roles, she is highly critical of Balanchine's training methods and Baryshnikov's partnering skills, which she says lacked finesse both on and off the stage. Her serious accusations that ballet training produces mindless mechanical dolls, and that the rigors of the life drive dancers to drug abuse, are undermined by her shrill, fragmented tone, making this a sad self-justification. Marcia L. Perry, Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield, Mass."


Sanna or Janie said...

Hi Sara, Thank you for responding to my post ... Here is a story of a lovely dancer ... Yes, it is amazing.

I discovered things about myself to that were mind blowing ... I briefed it on Twitter which I am new to.

One has to wonder what was happening with G Kirkland as well. It is just how my mind works. I want to read it one day as well since my work with performers is always driving me to know more about setting an internal stage.

Like your blog!

My daughter dances in your area.

Dianne said...

I found "Dancing On My Grave" a good read, no shrill or fragmented tones...hmm...anyway, there is a follow up book "The Color of Love" which is very good too.