Friday, January 23, 2009

get moving

wow, haven't wrote in a while. guess things have been slow and unproductive around here. our company is back from break. i didn't go this week because i just couldn't motivate myself back just yet. i will go next week though especially with an audition on monday night. it's a small audition for an opera. no, i won't be singing. they are looking for six dancers for their 5 show run in philadelphia. it's a short gig, but some extra money would be nice. i don't even know what they are looking for or if i'll get the part, but it's worth a shot you know?

i was semi-productive today and emailed a few companies basicly asking for anything : part-time/full-time/ or guesting parts. i'm looking for anything right now that can put some money in my account and give me the opportunity to perform. i feel like nothing is safe now adays with the economy. the arts are taking a hard hit so the chances of getting into a company are even harder now than before. but, i'm stubborn and persistant and not ready to throw in the towel just yet. there's gotta be SOMEthing out there for me right?

on a side note, my body is going to hate me in about 3 days. going back to ballet after not dance for a month (minus the 3 classes i took) is going to take it's toll. i probably won't be able to walk correctly after day three of classes, but i'm ready to jump back into it. dancing just makes me feel like a different person. happier. lighter. i can go to class pissed off and it takes the edge off. in a way i can say - 'i'm going back to my therapist' for those of you who haven't tried dance as therapy i suggest it. it releases all those happy chemicals into your body. true fact!

alright, i'm off to eat some Pho with the boy ;) and in case you don't know what that is, feast your eyes on this -->

hope everyone is well. and most importantly, happy.


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Anonymous said...

You're awesome, Sara, and I'm sure there's definitely something out there for you and whatever it is, you'll be great at it. *sending positive vibes your way* <3