Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Floating and falling

i found a site that really helped me out with my "block". Well, that and this warm spring like day. I feel refreshed!!! :)
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See More Dance

Several contributors suggested that when we get stuck in our tracks we should look to our mentors. Who inspired us to love dance? Whom do we admire and want to emulate? What is it about watching our favorite choreographer that loosens those squeaky, creative wheels? Sometimes seeing the experts at work can stoke the fire and get us back on track.

Pay Attention to the World

The rhythms and sights of the world around us are ripe with ideas for the taking. Sometimes the stuff of dance is found not in the studio but in everyday life. Some people say it’s time to leave the dance world and start paying attention to the world around us.

Watch for Drains on the Creative Brain

Stress can be an enemy of creativity. The juices rarely flow when we still have to do the taxes, order the recital costumes, or deal with a pile of papers. Sometimes the simple act of cleaning up a workspace gives renewed energy to the creative process. Clutter and looming obligations rarely enhance creativity. Before beginning a new piece, attend to leftover projects and start on a new dance feeling unencumbered.

Learn Something New

In life, we alternate between periods of learning and periods of doing. Sometimes when we have been heavy on the “doing” end, it’s time to become a student again. Attending classes and workshops is an obvious way to renew, but it’s up to us to clear our schedules and make room for learning opportunities. Teachers need to be mindful of burnout and know when to refill the creative coffers.

Breathe and Take a Break

A choreographic dry spell every now and then is par for the course. Down time can be key in working through these periods. Stokes likes to look inward for inspiration. “I have found that giving myself time to be introspective is crucial,” she says. “I need time by myself; solitude can lead to thinking, which can lead to inspiration.”

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