Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just dance!

ugh. i'm suffering a case of choreography block and it's really bugging me. some days it just comes out of me and now i feel like i'm struggling to fill 4cts!! Ahhhh. It's just very fustrating when i have six dances i'm in the process of starting. How do you get yourself out of something like this and let the movement flow again instead of being forced???

on a positive note. i got an email back from a place i replyed to about a dance photo project. i made the first cut and they would like to see me for an interview and a 3min. piece of original choreography. I'm excited about that one and hope it turns out positive experience. It's just some extra money and getting to do what i love.

On a 'should i or shouldn't i' note. There are auditions this weekend in nyc for a some companies. Cattle calls. I'm debating going. I hate going cause there are so many people trying to get the same position. I hate NOT going cause then i have to deal with the 'what if' feelings. Those are the worst. I like at least trying and saying i did my best than just not trying at all.
oh well.
i'll see how i feel - physically and emotionaly.

so close to valentines day now :)

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