Sunday, January 24, 2010

I HAD said no.

audition season, for those of you who have gone before this is EXACTLY what it's like:

Well, i told myself this year "no more auditions, no more stress and spending money to get rejected." But i found myself the past week starting to think more and more about audition season. I had a feeling of guilt wash over me. If i didn't at least try a few auditions i would never know. I'm happy that i have a paying dance job, dont' get me wrong. To actually be dancing and not paying for class is a blessing. I just feel that my years as a dancer are coming closer to an end. If i just try a few auditions this year it wouldn't hurt and i would feel better just to see if i could maybe land a different company? I have zero expectations and if anything i would do this for the experience. To see what kind of crazy 15yr old dancers are out there now. They always make me want to quit ballet when they do 5 turns and kick their leg...and hold it...behind their head. Every year competition gets more and more fierce.

So, im doing some research into companies. We will see. Like i said, i'm happy to be where i am now dancing but, 'what if' has a strong hold on me this time of year.

Happy rainy Sunday! :o/


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~Jenn~ said...

Never give up! I'm going to be 28 this year, had a baby almost a year ago, and haven't danced with a company for about 3 years. I'm planning to audition for Phyllis soon. I'm praying with all my heart I can make it in as an apprentice. You have what it takes as long as you try. Try all over the place. If you don't get in; at least you got in a great class. I wish you the best. Keep you chin up!