Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday thoughts.

If i could, and i had the means to,i would love to create a piece dedicated to all those in Haiti who have lost loved ones and are struggling. Then, i would travel the production to different major cities in the U.S and take ALL the earnings and donate them to Haiti relief fund. I sometimes feel helpless and that i can't just drop everything and help these people. Most of live fairly privilaged lives. Our problems probably don't even come close to what they are going through.

But that's just me and my little rant.
I want to donate, even if it's just a few dollars. I know i can't create my ballet and make money for them that way, but every little donation helps.

This week i have been slowly getting back in shape with class. It's a bit rough and my body is fighting me. But, i feel good. It is certainly is helping with my mood. I was starting to feel a bit of a downer coming on from not having class. It's amazing how quickly those hormones level out once you start releasing that energy. Movement is thearapy.

Teaching is going well. I want to push my students. They have so much potential and i want to be able to walk away from each class knowing that i have given them everything they will need to survive the dance world. Even if they choose not to pursue a dance career, what they have learned in class will offer them the disipline in what ever field they choose.


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Elise said...

Happy Friday to you - and I hope you have a lovely weekend.