Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a few more days...

I've been pretty good this week. Took class Monday, Wednesday, and ran for 30 min. on Thursday morning before teaching. Usually with time off i get use to being lazy and fall into that trap of "well i'm already out of shape why bother" mind set. But, i think i'm doing pretty good. Today i will take another class at 12. One of the guys from our company has been teaching class which has been helpful. I really do enjoy his classes and feel my body reponding positively to moving a bit again.

Another reason why i have been taking class this week is because in t-minus two day i will be going away with booba to our usual winter spot :


plus this :

equals : :) <-- a happy me in South Beach Miami Florida.

We love it there. This time of year it's empty. Warm and relaxing it's exactly what i need after a long season. Plus we get a super cheap amazing deal through expedia. Seriously, if anyone wants to book a flight plus hotel trip go there! We leave Sunday and get back late Wed. evening. I got subs for my classes and i'm ready to refresh my body and mind.

Side note:

While watching HBO at my parents house this past weekend i just happened to stumble acroos a documentary called "Ghetto Ballet" i didn't get to see the whole piece, but saw most of it. It was very interesting and eye opening. I will leave the synopsis from the website since it explains it better :

Ghetto Ballet

From acclaimed filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, GHETTO BALLET focuses on several young dancers enrolled at Dance for All, South Africa's first ballet-training program for black students. Targeted at children living in Cape Town's poorest townships, the program gives young dancers the opportunity to train abroad at many of the world's top ballet schools, most notably in Paris, or to dance professionally in their own country. Ghetto Ballet profiles several of the program's most promising dancers, each of whom commutes to the Dance for All studio in Cape Town to train with founder Philip Boyd and his staff. The goal of these elite students is an all-important audition, when dancers will be asked to join a professional dance troupe in Cape Town or to train in Paris - with life- changing ramifications.

Check it out if you can! It's worth it.

My best to you all. Hope 2010 is treating you well so far


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