Friday, January 15, 2010

keep on your toes.

SO, i'm back from the wonderful vacation/mental break to Miami. It wasn't as warm there as i would've liked, but it was lovely non the less.

I now officially am feeling the effects of not dancing. Old injuries start coming out and you'll wake up hurting for no reason. It's interesting how your body releases pain like bad memeories even when you are doing what you think it needs -rest. When you are dancing 24/7 and always on the go your body goes into flight or fight mode and just starts putting injuries on the back burner. OR, as a dancer we are stubborn and we ignore pains and push through. Either way i need to start stretching more so my muscles don't shrink!

I'm putting my full concentration during my time off to focus fully on preparing recital material and lesson plans. It feels nice to have time to sit down and map out the pieces i will be presenting in the recital. It makes the time off feel more productive and i get to do my second love, choreography. I'm one of those people who have a 'dance' or a vision of movement everytime i listen to music. It just pops into my head and i find my self with a story through steps. But, just as writers face it, i go through 'creative blocks' where it's hard to find the movement. I find that watching movies, listening to music, and watching people all can help filling that block. I'm going to be working on that a lot today and hopefully something wonderful comes from it!

I'm off to be productive...
hope everyone is well!



Elise said...

Hello, as a follower of your wonderful blog and as you are a dancer I wondered whether you could recommend any inspirational/motivational articles that I could forward to a dancer I know ? Any help much appreciated !

Sara Lonngren said...

Hey Elise! Thank you for reading :) I don't read too many articles online but i do enjoy this website : I always find interesting articles from dancers/choreographers ect. I'll keep my eye out for any others and forward them along to you. Hope that helps!