Monday, February 1, 2010

Brunch with the Ballet

Yesterday was a brunch for our company at a fancy country club outside the city. It was an effort to raise money for our spring season and i think it was fairly successful. Another company member and I were in charge of selling raffel tickets for our auction items. I think we did a good job of selling them and working the room the best we could! I like going to these events and meeting the people who help keep our company alive with donations and their kindness. I believe these are essential to keeping in touch and making connections with people who love the arts. (and the amazing food wasn't too bad either!!!!) We had a guy from the local press there and he made the 6 company people that were there pose in front of the dessert table. We had to pretend we were 'reaching for them'. Haha, it should look interesting in the paper today. We look like starving children seeing food for the first time. But, it was a lovely day and i got to see snow on the beach! That is rare and i've never seen it before. It was beautiful.

In other news, we start back in exactly two weeks now. I'm going to try my best to take more than 3 classes this week. "Try".....I need to choreograph a bunch this week for the recital pieces. It's hard to try to set 6 pieces sometimes. They all have such a different feel. I hope they don't, well, suck to put it in plain english haha. Trying to keep the creative bug alive in me is a constant challenge when balancing so many other things.

Hope you are all well. Cross your fingers for warmer weather!! Brrr.


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