Monday, February 22, 2010

You are just a number.

This picture sums it up. you start young and i only gets more stressful!

Well it was a chaotic Sunday for me in the big apple. I'm giving myself props for getting there without getting lost. ( and a big thank you to the china town bus for making it affordable) I got to where i needed to be pretty early so I stopped for a coffee. (mistake) That caffine on top of stress gave me some some twitchy nerves. But, i kept my calm and did my best.

The line was getting long and my spirits were getting discouraged. It's moments like this were the word 'cattle call' comes into play. You 'mooo've yourself through the line with the others to a table were you smile and they slap a number on you. Then you are all 'herded' into a room and begin your little stretchy circus stretching while the whole time scooping the room at your fellow challengers. The routine just becomes very predictable. Out of all that prep for the day at least i can say , i had a full class? Eh, the life of a dancer.

Teaching tonight and rehearsals tommorow. Then back to the circus possibly this weekend.

Maybe i'll buy myself a new leotard. I probably shouldn't because of moeny, but there is something about wearing a brand new Mirella, Natalie, or whatever brand you prefer leotard to class for the first time. It makes you feel like you had a better class for some reason. Or maybe that's just me. Little things sometimes help.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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