Sunday, February 7, 2010


We got a LOT of snow dumped on us Friday evening. 28.5 inches to be exact. The weekend was spent snowed in, but that was pretty ok with me. I attempted some sort of productive activities, but that didn't really go over well. The most productive i got was taking a yoga/pilates class via my Netflixs. I have to say, it worked really well. My abs were killing me today! I decided that since i have a week before i go back to the company i will try to take one of the exercise videos i've been finding on there once a day. AND, i will make a better attempt to take class. Man, i need a class.

On a side note for this Sunday, after day three of being snowed in booba and i watched "The Dancer". It was a documentary following Katja Bjorner of the Swedish Ballet School. Made you tired just watching it!! Not the best documentary i've seen, but well worth the watch ...check it out! :)

Alright time to find a video for tommorows work out.


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