Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Monday Morning!


There is a bit to catch up on!
Although the apprentices were the ones to start back this past week i found myself at the studio almost everyday. They have been taking class/rehearsing for the last two weeks and i've been coming in to start setting my piece and learn choreography from my director. I got cast in the charleston with two other couples and i'm LOVING it. It's just a really fun fast pace dance with a few tricks and flips. This one is totally up my alley and although we are still not getting paid for rehearsals till a week from now i don't mind coming in to learn this one.

I started setting my piece as well and i'm pleased with it so far. I do meet a few choreographer blocks when i'm sitting down to write down movements, but i like that i'm pacing it out and taking my time with it. The dancers also seem to enjoy the choreography which is more contemporary then i think a few of them are use to. I do believe they will get it though. It's still early in the game so they have time to get more comfortable with my movements.

On a negative note, i have hurt my upper back. Even worse i hurt it simply sitting down in a passanger side car seat. I sat and twisted my back in such a way that it started to spasm and cause me a lot of pain. It's been three days and i still am in pain. I don't know what i could've done to it! I will not take class today because i want to rest it. I do have to teach tonight so hopefully i won't have to move too much. I hope to see our physical therapist if it isn't better soon. I hate getting hit with these road blocks just when things are going well. Just praying it's nothing serious.

Alright, after my coffee i'm off to set more choreography on the dancers followed by a long night of teaching!

be well!*

Oh, i also had a photoshoot with three photographer who wanted to get together and share ideas. Booba took this one of me. No, that isn't my real hair, but it is a wig of my alter ego Sophia ;)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enjoying it

Sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning before the others are awake. Of course my cat lets me know bright and early when i've slept enough.

I'm excited to drive up to my good friends wedding today. Booba and i are going to stop at a winery we have been to before on the way up since it's a later wedding and a long drive. It will be a mini little get-a-way for us since we got a hotel for the evening. I just love weddings when we dont have to be the photographers. Just relax and enjoy the beauty of them.

Also, ive been longing for a cottage for me and booba. Something small and quaint that can hold our two cats and us comfortably surrounded by nature. We are both artists so sometimes we can't always get what we want right away. It takes time to save, but in the long run its worth it because we are doing what we truely love and giving back by passing it on to others. I thought i would put that out into the universe and see what comes back! You never know who has a spare cottage just hanging around. <3

my random ramblings with coffee..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in the swing!

Hey guys!! I took a little break from updating here and i apologize. Once i returned from Disney (which was amazing,relaxing, and magical) my brain flipped from vacation mode to work mode.

I had a lot to catch up on at the studio i teach at. I only missed two days, but i wanted to have a lot of the choreography done already so i could just go in and set it. Having 5 pieces to do there while all staying in the theme of the recital can be tricky. You have to keep within the students abilities while at the same time creating work that is enjoyable and originial. I love choreography and get really picky if i feel like things aren't flowing within the piece. It starts messing with my OCD and i'll have to take things out or re-due certain sections. I want the students to enjoy what they are doing as well as the audience. I go in feeling the vibes of them and how they are taking to the steps. I know this might sound silly because it's just recital stuff, but i really care about my students and studio and want them to be the best they can be at their level. This studio is like my family. It's only my second year there, but i already feel like i mesh better with the director and other teacher better than at any other studio. We share the same concepts and goals. It's about the students the ART of dance, not winning competitions and being better than the girl next to you at barre. I'm not a huge fan of competition studios. I respect what they do, but i feel my heart is more aimed at teaching these kids how important the arts are. It's not a competition with other studios, but rather a way to challenge yourself and push to be better for YOU rather than a group of judges.

Anyway, i'm feeling confident and the spring season is upon us. The company start date got pushed back another week because our season got extended. (which i am happy about) We had a meeting on wednesday to talk about new board members that have joined over the break and the direction the company is headed. The meeting was very positive and i have my fingers crossed that we finish this season on a good note.

Classes have started and apprentices rehearse Monday. I will go in and get myself back in shape before the company is called back on the 27th. I'm almost done choreographing two pieces for the contemporary ballet i am setting with my fellow company member for spring shows. Im am so thrilled to be able to set a piece on them. I hope they are going to enjoy it. It certainly will be something different than they are use to doing!o (no tiaras, tutus, or pink) I'll tell you more about it later once rehearsals are in full swing. :)

A good friend is getting married this weekend. She use to dance for the company and i am so happy to see her. Can't wait to see her and spend time with my booba. :)

My best to you all!!
this was shot in Disney in front of the beautiful tree in Animal Kingdom. :)