Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Very long week...

This week is going by and taking it's good ol' time. Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same day over and over? The only thing that really changes is what i had to eat. I think i'm just having 'one of those weeks'. It's not even a bad week, just one that seems to drag out.

The shows are in exactly one week. We have been running it from start to finish everyday. After running it our director will go through and break everything down; clean what needs to be cleaned and clarify spacing issues. I feel that we are ready for the stage. Having fast learners has helped the ballet get up and running a lot smoother.

My body is getting back to its old self slowly but surely. I'm still working on stretching a lot to get my exention to where it use to be, but im doing it slowly. You never really want to rush something like that after being off for a while. It takes patients and repetition to ensure things are being done safely and with minimal pain.

annnnd, on a 'yipeeeeee' note: we get paid on Friday. I def. NEED this paycheck. It's been a little rough not teaching or getting paid to dance for a couple of months. My account balance has felt that one!

I will try to update a little more exciting news once i get some more time. We are still running our super LONG days. Once the school starts back in about a week we will work our regular hours again (ugh thank you) and i will be able to write a bit more and not be so tired.

sleepy time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a min.

Sorry i haven't been filling in with my days events. I have been so busy with all day rehearsals that my brain just wants to shut down in the evening! We worked Sat. this weekend so i really only had one days off to relax my muscles and mind. I promise an update with a little more vigor is coming.

On a side note i want to see the full version of this movie :


Ps- what's with the heat wave? I'm melting!

tired and sore, but happy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pink buble bath

I will start this blog off with a warning that i am very tired and sore so i apologize for the lack of excitment or correct grammar. (and spelling)

We started full blast into rehearsals after class on tuesday. Our director is wasting no time getting things rolling. This is probably a good thing considering we only have about three weeks to get this ballet up and running.
Our schedule starts off at 10am for company class. 1
1:30 we get 1/2 hr lunch break.
12-3 rehearsal boardwalk hall
5 dinner break/drive to in studio rehearsal
4-7 (sometimes 8) continued rehearsal at the studio

We have to leave boardwalk hall at 3pm because we have the space for free (hence why we don't get airconditioning) we get kicked out around then. It's just been really long days of sweating, fighting sore muscles that don't want to move, and getting to know all the new people in the company. I think we have a very good group of new dancers. The boys are looking especially strong.

I'm pretty happy with the casting i received as well. Can't complain if i get to look forward to performing on the stage soon! Once this week is over (when the soreness has gone down a bit) i'm going to work on rebuilding my strength and flexiblity to where it was before i decided to take almost 2months off haha. I won't be doing that again. Although, i did enjoy being lazy and drinking beer by the pool. :)

Alright well i'm going to read a bit then hit the pillow. Up early again for another LOOOONNG day.

sore, but pleased,

ps- on a random side note. One of the Korean girls brought me back from home some wonderful bath salts and soaps from Japan when she went to visit her boyfriend there. I have been taking full advantage of them and have been taking baths the past two days. The one packet i used turned my bath water PINK. Like BRIGHT pink. It was crazy, but felt so relaxing. I'm pretty sure this was the stuff:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in good ol' boardwalk hall! Its 90 today and we have no ac in this place. Im pretty sure im going to melt. Here we go

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm sore just thinking about it...

1 day in counting left of my vacation.

The company starts back on tuesday and the rest of the company has been flying back from their breaks and getting all settled in again. I'm bracing myself for lots of advil for the first week. I managed to get myself a bit out of shape reguardless of the summer classes i taught. Last summer i didn't have a break because our season ran all the day way through until spring. This summer I wanted to take full advantage of actually having pool time. I have to say, it was lovely. I will regret however not taking as many classes as i probably should have, but i'll get my butt into gear and back to my old prancing ways in no time i'm sure. The body never forgets! (however, it will remind you that you aren't 16 anymore!) I'm sure more updates will be shared with the first week back and what's new with the company. I know we are getting a few more new apprentices and a new company member. It's refreshing to see new talent and to get forward to bonding with them for the season. Here's to a hopefully wonderful year ahead!

my best-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This show never gets old for me. I love watching the choreography and how the dancers embrace each style. It's such a wonderful thing that a dance show can be as successful as this one is. Keeping the dance world (the arts in general) alive is so important. In hard times like these it's crucial to surround ourselves with things that allow us to escape, even for a few min. Dancing embraces everything- the beauty, the pain, the struggles, and the joys of life. These emotions are then blended and fused with the music to create moving art. No light of creativity can shine brighter than being on that stage pouring your heart out to the universe.
I need to take a dance class soon before we start our season! My body is aching to move and create.