Friday, December 12, 2008


First day of double shows, one at 10:30am (mostly kids in the audience) and one at 7:30. The first show was fun because the children in the audience responded to us as if we were hannah montana. Feels good to get applauses for even the little tricks. The second show went pretty well . (minus a tired partner) Got positive feedback overall. I just wish sometimes that my director was more responsive to my dew drop performance. It's fustrating when an artist feels like they aren't getting comments (good or bad). You almost need that to validate what you do. Sounds a little selfish actually as i write it, but it's true. Humans need that kind of interaction to prove exsistance....without sounding too dramatic haha. I am working off of about 5hrs of sleep right now while i type this so i apologize for typos/grammer but im not going to go back and "spell check". This is just all free flowing from a burnt out dancer who needs sometime off. I just need to know sometimes that i'm doing 'ok'. I want to be the best i can be always. That's a dancer perfectionist attitude. Yes it could be good... but it can ALWAYS be better. We are always pushing ourselves to our limits and a little beyond sometimes. You have to want it, or you'll never make it in this field. Gotta stay one step ahead.
I did enjoy the shows today from a different perspective. I took the time to watch backstage at EVERYthing that was going on - from the dancers to the stage crew. The way we all work together to make a production. It's truely magical when you take the time and just watch how everything flows in and out of each other in it's own sort of dance. Watching the stage crew drop the backdrop before snow was one of the coolest things that stand out in my mind. Three of them pulling the ropes together transforming the stage into another world for us to move in. Sounds a little silly and i guess it's something you have to see in the moment to really understand what it looked like, but i've been appreciating the little things that go into a production lately and just really taking it all in so i will remember it always. That way when i retire i can have wonderful memories to share with my children.
Well, i think it's time for me to catch some zzzz's. Two more shows to go at stockton then off to cape may on sunday. Did i mention it was a LONG weekend?

Good night.

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