Friday, November 28, 2008

A Beautiful Tragedy

I just saw a trailer for a movie that i really would like to see :

“A Beautiful Tragedy” is a documentary about 15 year old Oksanna who follows her mother’s dream to see her become a prima ballerina. She decides to sacrifice her youth and devote nine years of her childhood to a ballet school in Russia. to read more....

It just looks really interesting.

I've been on a youtube kick watching lots of ballet videos. I think it's helpful to look and see what the ballet world is creating. It makes me feel excited to get into class and work hard. Days of rehersal and class can get very mundane and i feel that it is healthy to look outside for other sources of inspiration.

I'm feeling strong.

Another round of nutcracker shows tommorow in medford, nj (my hometown!) so the commute (for once) will be relaxing and short.
Burlington County Institute of Technology
saturday 7pm: snow princess, chinese, flower couple.
sunday 2pm: snow princess, dew drop*

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